Access and Affordability Monitoring Project

The Access and Affordability Monitoring Project analyzes health care coverage and cost problems in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Health Spending Soars to $62.1 Billion in 2006--Spending is World's Highest--33% Above U.S.A. Average, An Unprecedented Excess, 28 June 2006, 86 pages with 40 exhibits.

Conceiving an Elephant but Giving Birth to a Mouse, WBUR-FM Commentary on Massachusetts Efforts to Insure More People , 20 March 2006, 3 pages.  You can listen to the Commentary at

Cape Care:  Winning Health Care for All and Cost Containment on Cape Cod, 11 March 2006, 92 pages.

Health Care for All in Massachusetts Requires Cost Control, 3 March 2006, 74 pages

2001-2005 (29 items):

Health Care Myths, Realities (about the current Massachusetts health reform debates), op-ed, Boston Globe, 5 November 2005, 1 page.

Identifying and Stabilizing All Needed Massachusetts Hospitals, Testimony on H. 2666, Public Health Committee, Massachusetts Legislature, 2 November 2005, 4 pages.

Testimony on S. 375, Prescription Drug Importing, with recommendations to establish a single Rx buyer for Massachusetts, written (10 pages) and verbal testimony, 24 October 2005.

Getting Ready to Address Massachusetts Health Care Realities, Briefing to Caucus of Women Legislators, 21 September 2005, 12 pages.

Massachusetts Should Pool Prescription Drug Purchasing to Win Lower Prices, Testimony on H.2683, 21 September 2005, 2 pages.

Why Are Massachusetts Health Care Costs Soaring, and Can Anything Be Done About It?  Municipal Advocate, Summer 2005,  7 pages.

Uninsured in Massachusetts Now Highest in 7 Years, 30 August 2005, 2 pages.

$1 Billion a Week is Enough to Finance Health Care for All in Massachusetts, Testimony (73 pages) presented to the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing, Massachusetts State House, 20 July 2005, along with Summary plus Exhibits.

Briefing for Legislators on Universal Coverage, Massachusetts State House, 15 June 2005, 12 pages.

The Key to High Quality Healthcare, Boston Globe, 15 June 2005 1 page.

Sustaining Massachusetts Health Care, 26 May 2005, Women in Health Care Management, 113 pages.

A Few Massachusetts Health Care Realities, 2005 Edition,  3 August 2005, 2 pages.

Legislative Briefing on Prescription Drug Reform, State House, Boston, 23 November 2004, 4 pages.

Shaping Health Care Technology We can Afford for Massachusetts, Massachusetts Association of Health Plans' Second Annual Conference, 21 November 2003,  40 pages.

Fixing Our Broken Health Care System Requires Both Incremental and Comprehensive Change, 25 October 2003,  12 pages.

Looming Massachusetts Meltdown--Testimony on Universal Health Care, 8 October 2003, Testimony (12 pages) and Summary.

Long-term Care in Massachusetts--Problems, Causes, and Solutions, Winchester Council on Aging, 15 March 2003, 24 pages.

Crashing through the Windshield:  Massachusetts Health Care in the Downturn--Health Care Will Consume 18 Percent of Personal Income in 2002,  6 August 2002, 6 pages.

The Jaws Open:  Massachusetts Health Care Stumbles into Another Dangerous Decade, New England Economic Project, Westborough, 29 May 2002, 46 pages.

Protecting Needed Hospital Capacity in Massachusetts, presented at the annual meeting of the Middlesex County Central District, Massachusetts Medical Society, Emerson Hospital, Concord, 30 April 2002, 40 pages.

Too Many Local Hospitals on Life Support:  With number of beds halved since 1980, state should alter its closings policy, Boston Globe Focus, 3 March 2002, 3 pages.

Too Many Local Hospitals on Life Support, Boston Globe, 3 March 2002, 2 pages.

Press release:  Gov. Swift Should Declare a Public Health Emergency to Prevent Waltham Hospital's Closing, 11 February 2002, 2 pages.

Waltham Hospital's Closing Constitutes a Public Health Emergency--DPH hearing testimony, 11 February 2002, 21 pages.

Massachusetts Should Preserve Each Hospital Needed to Protect the Health of Our People, 5 February 2002, 21 pages.

Minority Report to the Massachusetts Health Care Task Force: Hospital Stabilization, Contingency Planning, and Cooperation Are Needed, 28 January 2002 (Alan Sager, member of Task Force's Financial Working Group), 4 pages.

Negotiating a Peace Treaty for Massachusetts Health Care, 17 November 2001, Text (9 pages) and Exhibits.

We Can Win Affordable Medications for All, 17 April 2001, 9 pages.

A Better Deal for Our Health Care Dollars, 2 April 2001,  15 pages.


1996--2000 (12 items):

Financially Distressed Massachusetts Hospitals Need Targeted Relief, Not an Across-the-board Medicaid Hike, 19 Dec. 2000, 51 pages.

Massachusetts Can Afford Health Care for All,  2 Nov. 2000 (Co-authored with Solutions for Progress)

The World's Most Expensive Health Care,  2 Oct. 2000

Winning Health Care for All on Martha's Vineyard, 25 April 2000, 14 pages.

How Can We Fix Harvard Pilgrim's Problems without Making Ours Worse?  18 February 2000, 22 pages.

Massachusetts Hospital Costs per Person Have Risen Much Faster than the National Average, 1997-1998, 15 December 1999, 20 pages.

Putting the Public Back into Public Health, 28 October 1999, 15 pages.

Testimony on Universal Health Care--Health Care for All Costs Less, 27 April 1999, 11 pages.

More Care at Less Cost, Boston Globe, 25 April 1999, 2 pages.

All the Money We Need, 23 January 1999, 26 pages

Solutions for Progress and AAMP, Universal Comprehensive Coverage:  A Report to the Massachusetts Medical Society, December 1998, 60 pages.

The Growing Concentration of Hospital Care in Worcester County, 6 February 1998, 30 pages.

Before It's Too Late:  Why Hospital Closings Are a Problem, Not a Solution, 2nd Edition, 2 June 1997, 97 pages.

Imprudent, Impatient, and Anti-patient:  Are Hospitals Closing Too Fast and for Insufficient Reason, Boston Sunday Globe, Focus, 27 April 1997,  4 pages.


1991--1995 (7 items):

750,000 Citizens of Massachusetts Lack Health Insurance, 28 November 1995.  Part 1 (44 pages) and Part 2 (10 pages).

State's Uninsured Population Nearly Doubled in Six Years, Testimony to Health Care Committee, 4 April 1995, 13 pages.

Nine Lessons for National Health Reform from the Failure of the 1988 Massachusetts Universal Health Care Law, American Public Health Association, 26 October 1993, 12 pages.

Medicaid Cuts--A Shot in the Foot, 25 May 1991, 1 page.

Shooting Ourselves in the Foot: Cutting Medicaid Saves State Government Very Little Money but Badly Hurts the Massachusetts Economy, 6 May 1991, 16 pages.

The World's Most Expensive Hospitals, 1 February 1991, 71 pages.

Testimony Opposing the Relocation of St. Margaret's Hospital from Dorchester to Brighton, 22 February 1990, 4 pages.


1988--1990 (6 items):

Spending on Massachusetts Hospitals versus Improving Access:  Talk and Action,  Implementing the chapter 23 Massachusetts Health Security law, 30 August 1989, 4 pages.

Hospital Costs in Massachusetts, 18 August 1989, 2 pages.

Promise and Performance, Analysis of the 1988 Massachusetts Universal Health Care Law, 9 Apr. 1989, 45 pages.

Universal Health Insurance in Massachusetts--Origins and Practicality, Health Policy Symposium, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 21 October 1988, 23 pages.

Richard Knox, "Threat of Doctor Shortage Disputed, " Boston Globe 12 September 1988.,1 page.

The Sky is Falling:  The Massachusetts Medical Society Reports on the "Physician Shortage," 12 September 1988,  37 pages.

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