US Health Reform

A.  Prescription Drug Reform (39 items)

    1.  Rx Reports (7 items)

    2.  Rx Papers (15 items)

    3.  Rx Testimony (11 items)

    4.  Rx Data Briefs

    5.  State Prescription Drug Fact Sheets


B.  Hospital Survival and Configuration (18 items)

    1.  Urban Hospital Closings

    2.  Massachusetts Hospitals

    3.  Washington, D.C. Hospitals       

    4.  New Hampshire Hospitals

    5.  California Hospitals

    6.  For-profit Hospitals

    7.  Identifying and Protecting Needed Hospitals

    8.  Other Hospital

    9.  Baseball Stadium Relocation



C.  Health Care for All (14 items)

For work on Massachusetts, see AAMP page.








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